Thursday, June 17, 2010

Challenge and Blessing Time

The past 3-4 weeks has not been an easy time for us. Different medical things have popped up as well as some work challenges that are to be expected when working in Drew's line of work which is with the abused and neglected house of a juvenile delinquents home. It can be a very rewarding work but it comes with many stresses and disappointments as well as needing to be aware of some physical threats as well. The past month seemed to hit with one thing after another and we were having trouble, like all of us do from time to time, keeping our smiles on, but also in this time God has been bringing blessing as well.
As December seems to be getting closer and finances are on the mind we were blessed by a call from Drew's parents to hire him to re-roof their house. Not only was this a financial blessing but also a good family time as we all climbed up the ladder at some point to help tear off or lay new shingles down. What a blessing during this time to have Bro. Bob Picket join in on the last two days when they were really pushing to get it done.
Also during that week we were able to go out to dinner with Anne Decker and John & Chris Buntain as well as their daughter, Elizabeth. What an encouragement and night of learning that was. We know they are a God sent to us. With Anne's cheerful outlook and John & Chris' straightforward common sense approach we left feeling refreshed and ready to go.
The latest blessing came from my dentist's hygienist just 2 days ago. Our dentist has a wonderful office team that makes you feel like one of the family, and as she asked me how everything was going medically and found out I was dealing with shingles she asked if it was stress induced and then proceeded to tell me about a speaker she had just heard that talked about stress being a symptom of having our eyes too much on self and not enough on God. We try to fix things and do things instead of just letting God take it and fill the need. I realized I needed to be hearing this and by the time my teeth were shined and polished I felt like I had just been in a church service. Isn't God Good?
God is preparing us and we thank Him that He never leaves us to stumble along but give us what we need for the next step. God is Good, All the Time!

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