Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vaccination Day

It's December 2nd = vaccination day for Katie and Kent. Leading up to this day I was happy to tell them that when this nurse gave me my shots (5), before my trip to Cameroon, they were almost completely painless (they do a very good job at the Midland County Health Department). This seemed to be a great encouragement to them. :)

They were in high spirits when we first arrived, Katie read a book and Kent enjoyed posing sorrowfully for the camera. Then reality started to hit and even though they knew they were getting off easy with just one shot, it was still a SHOT!

As we entered the room Kent skillfully maneuvered so Katie would get the privilege of going first. She did a good job and was rewarded with a sparkly band aid.

It was a mistake to have Kent go last, his courage had crumbled a bit after peeking past me and seeing his sister receive her shot. He climbed up on my lap and held on with a few tears rolling down his cheeks and let me know he was scared but soon the deed was done and he also received a cool band aid and sticker.

It didn't take long for his good spirits to return and soon they were both showing off their muscles, stickers, and (if I would have let them)blood. The final comment came from Kent, of coarse, who said, "Wow, I am glad we don't have to get those "visas"(meaning vaccinations) every year. She was slow (this was said with actions). I wish she would have just popped me one quick and been done. Whew, I am glad those visas are over!"

Ah, the things we do for Jesus!

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