Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Reward Day

After the Seminar Mrs. Chamberlin said we had earned a day of fun so we all climbed into the van with Joshua or Nascar (as we have dubbed him after seeing how he can maneuver on these streets) as our driver. We toured around seeing the different places the Chamberlin’s have lived, toured the fishing village and other then stopping at The Hot Spot for lunch. That was amazing! It is a restaurant that has gazebos on the cliffs, overlooking the ocean. It was both breathtaking and relaxing. We had fish and chips (barracuda with a good sauce and fries). We met up with a family we had met on the plane on the way here and had a nice talk. We found out it was a very valuable contact to make because her Uncle in head of the Cameroonian Embassy in Washington. She gave us her number and email and told us all to keep in touch and let her know if we have any problem with visas again. After that we ended the day with going to Semi Beach. I clean stretch on beach by a hotel. It was laid out very nicely with lots of things for kids and adult like a play ground, Basketball and tennis courts, as well as a beach volleyball court. The water and sand attracted us though. The sand is finer than ours and all black. It is from the volcano. We waded in the water and felt the salt water in any little cut or scrape but oh, it felt good and later just to sit and listen to it roll in was so relaxing. It was a nice rewardJ . The day has a bit of a damper on it though because Mrs.Chamberlin has developed a bad cough and sinus problem that has gone straight to her chest. She is really not feeling well and we ask you all to pray for her. She went straight to bed when we returned with some good medication and ginger tea. Pray that God will let her body and mind rest tonight so she can have a quick recovery.


Michelle said...

Sheryl & Haley,

A day of fun.... Most deserved by all of you!!!! The way you describe it sounds absolutely breath taking. Too bad you can't bottle it up and bring it home with you. Sounds like all is going well. Haley, watch for those friendly bed critters. Hope Mrs Chamberlin is feeling better. God Bless You All.


Linda D said...

Mom D says awesome!
I love reading and keeping up with all you are doing. I am so proud of all of you. Gave Don the phone number at church today. Anxious to see Katie & Kent on Wed.! Mrs. Pugsley passed away on Saturday. We were with her at the hos. on Mon. good visit. I loved having P.V. yard sale on Fri. & Sat. God does great things at yard sales too. Tell ya more later. Keep shining for Jesus! Love ya, Mom D.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Sorry to hear about Sis. Chamberlain. We will be praying for her.