Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Teachers Seminar Day 2 & 3

The three day Teacher’s Seminar has come to a close. We all took part and are thanking God for the help He gave both to us and our listeners. We spoke to a room filled with 23 teachers both young and older, more experienced ones (that can rattle you J). On the second day we started out with Sheryl giving them back their gifts test and they were all very interested in that, some were very encouraged to have their gifts revealed to them a little more. She also gave the lesson on learning disabilities, which received amazing interest and discussions. Haley also gave her testimony to them which impressed them very much with her openness and attitude. Drew gave a board evangelism message about ‘the game of life’ which received many positive responses and gratitude for showing it to them. Dana gave sessions on writing compositions, dealing with staff children, and the balance of discipline,
The last day Sherly gave a session, by request, on how to model our teaching after Jesus. Dana gave a story telling and writing, than Drew joined her to give one on dealing with grief and abuse when it comes to your school. That was a time for open brokenness that was very moving and enlightening to many. We ended shortly after lunch with a final word from Dana on the power of affirmation and self examination. They all filled out comment sheets before leaving which touched us deeply and let us know that God had given us the messages that needed to be heard. Again and Always – God is Good!

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