Saturday, March 5, 2011

Family Day was a Little WILD!

Cameroonian Pizza and Fruit Slushies

A mother and her baby Gorilla

A Suni, a small African Antelope

An African Antelope

The most colorful African Baboon

With Drew preparing to head off on a 4 day ministry trip to our sister church located about 6 hours away, we decided to do a family day with the kids. There is a Wildlife Center located right here in Limbe that is a refuge for monkeys and other animals that have fallen prey to "bush meat" hunters or illegal owners. It isn't a huge zoo or anything but it was nice. It held all the different types of monkeys one could find in Cameroon, which are a lot. It also held 2 types of African crocodiles, a python, a 116 year old tortoise, and two kinds of African antelope including one that was the size of a large cat. It was full grown but so small. The guide was very informative and interesting. They used to have low fences but the chimps would throw big rocks at peoples heads with great accuracy for their entertainment so the zoo doubled the fence height. After touring the zoo we treated ourselves to lunch at the zoo cafe which served pizza and fruit smoothies, um um. They were so yummy! The pizza was not quite like home but it was still good. we have learned that everything is at least a little different here so you go with the flow and enjoy. The smoothies were a real treat. Drew had strawberry and banana, Kent and I had strawberry, and Katie had chocolate. Once we all shared sips, Katie was lucky to keep hers, chocolate won the prize. It was a very nice day to enjoy each other and some new things. The cafe was right beside a Gorilla playground so we had entertainment along with dinner. The final surprise of the day was meeting a young man in the Peace Corp from Grand Rapids, MI. We enjoyed talking with him for awhile. What a small world and what a great day!

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Leah said...

Looks like a great family day with yummy food!! :)