Sunday, April 12, 2009

Drew & Dana's Support Letter

Dear Friends and Family, April 13, 2009

Everyone has moments in their lives when something happens that makes them stop and realize that this is going to change their lives forever. For Drew and I one of those moments happened about two years ago. The Chamberlins were holding a missionary service at our church, accompanied by three little orphans from their mission in Cameroon. As they sang and shared their stories they completely stole our hearts. As we sat in the service that day God began to do a work in our hearts. After the service we went home and sat around the table. After a few moments of pushing food around our plates Drew spoke up about how God had been talking to him, and I was excited to be able to say the same. Both of us agreed that we would be willing to go “right now” if we could. Well, we didn’t go right then and as life got busy, thoughts of the mission at Cameroon, though always there, were pushed further back in our minds. God is patient and His timing is perfect. Last year, as we spent a week at our Family Camp at Rock Lake, God began moving on our hearts again and this time it was much stronger and clearer, God was calling us to Cameroon. I cannot explain the overwhelming joy of seeing that God had a plan for us beyond anything we had ever dreamed, and knowing that He had prepared our hearts for this moment. From that time on we began seeking to make this calling more of a reality. We have been in contact with the Chamberlins and the EBM board and have planned a mission trip to Cameroon this summer.
The mission we are going to help with is run by Victor and Claudia Chamberlin. They are in charge of a Christian school that teaches between 250- 300 students, as well as an orphanage that houses 15 children now, but has the capacity to house 60 children if they could find sponsors to support them. The Chamberlins have been faithful missionaries for many years and are now in their 80’s and desperately in need of some help. We are excited to be able to go and help out for a few weeks. We will be leaving for Cameroon around June 19th, and be there for about 3 weeks. We are blessed to be going with two of our friends, Sheryl Nabozny and her daughter, Haley, who also share a heart for missions. We will be leaving our children in the care of their grandparents for this trip. Kent and Katie are excited about the possibility of getting to live in Cameroon someday, if the Lord so leads, along with some reservations, like leaving cousins and friends for more than a week, but they are excited about being missionaries and helping the orphans and school children in Cameroon.
We ask that, as we begin this journey, you would keep us in your prayers. We have many details to work out and costs to cover such as plane tickets, visas, passports, vaccinations, etc. We would also like to take over some supplies and needed items for the mission.
We would like everyone to share in this adventure with us as much as possible, so we have set up a BlogSpot so you can follow along with us as we prepare, and later when we are over there. We will do our best to update with pictures and information as we have opportunity.
We thank God for the way He is helping us, and are assured that where He has called us He will provide a way. If you would like to help us financially as we begin this journey we would greatly appreciate it. You can send your support to one of the addresses below. Most of all we covet your prayers and hope you share in this excitement by visiting our blog and letting us hear from you. Thank you for your time and prayers.
In His Service,
Drew and Dana Herring
You can send support to us directly by sending it to:
Drew Herring
2141 80th Ave
Evart, MI 49631

If you would like to receive a receipt for tax exempt purposes send to:
Evart Bible Methodist Church
3976 80th Ave
Evart, MI 49631
(Memo- Drew & Dana mission trip)

If you would like to find out more about our trip or the Chamberlin’sand their mission work, here are some links you can visit: blog for this trip is the Chamberlin’s website. is the ministry that the Chamberlin’s work through.,_CameroonInformation on Limbe, Cameroon.
Also feel free to contact us at

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