Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sheryl and Haley's Support Letter

To our friends and family: There are times in our life that STAND OUT more than any other times, and for us (Haley & I), we are preparing for such a time. God is good.He is all that He says that He is, more than our minds can fathom, and we want to become all that He wants us to be. Haley, who is finishing her first year of high school, will be turning 15this June. She is hoping to spend her birthday on the continent of Africa, the country of Cameroon, near the city of Limbe, on a mission field. Here’s the story behind the adventure: Haley attends school at Daystar Christian Academy in Evart. This is her5th year at Daystar. She is not only receiving a great education, but she is experiencing significant spiritual growth. For the last year she has felt God speaking to her heart about missions.I (Sheryl) have had a great desire to do a mission trip for many years now, but a door never was opened. In my mind, I just wanted an opportunity to leave the local area and serve in a way that would challenge me spiritually.So when the idea of this trip to Cameroon was presented to me, I began praying for God’s wisdom. What an incredible opportunity for both Haley &I. But to be able to do this meant that God would have to be the one who said “GO.” This trip would not be ours, but His. So as time went on, God spoke to both of our hearts.Now that the possibility has become more tangible and God’s confirmation having come to both of us, we have started taking the necessary steps to make this all happen. We are looking at leaving Michigan around June 19th and returning around July 11th. We will be traveling to a mission field near Limbe, Cameroon. The mission field is headed by Victor & Claudine Chamberlin, and consists of an orphanage, school, and church. So there will be plenty of things to do while we are there.Our traveling buddies will be Drew and Dana Herring. Dana is Haley’s teacher and she & I coach the Daystar Volleyball team together. Drew works at Pineview Boys Home and frequently helps out with the volleyball team. I have learned that they both have hearts to serve God unselfishly and the energy to do it. They have become cherished friends over this past year.While we are traveling to far off lands, Don will be managing the home front. He will not be alone though , keeping him company will be Selah, Jehoshaphat, and Hadassah. So how would these events taking place in our lives affect you?Here’s the deal - We need your PRAYERS:
1- as we prepare our hearts and minds
2- for our traveling safety
3- for great spiritual growth for both of us(Not only do we want to impact others, but we want to be impacted.)
4- for financial expenses
And if you would like to donate to our cause, we would be very grateful to you. Donations can be sent to us directly or if you want the donation to count for tax purposes you can mail it to our home church.
1) Mail to us directly:
Sheryl & Haley Nabozny
6657 70th Ave
Evart, MI 49631or2)
To our home church:
Evart Bible Methodist Church
3976 80th Ave Evart, MI 49631
Checks payable to: Evart Bible Methodist Church
Memo: Sheryl & Haley’s Cameroon trip
Thank You and God Bless
our e-mail: If you would like to find out more about our trip or the Chamberlin’s and their mission work, here are some links you can visit. is the Chamberlin’s website. is the ministry that the Chamberlin’s work through.,_CameroonInformation on Limbe, Cameroon.

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