Friday, June 26, 2009

The Food.

Some have been asking us about the food here. Well, in a word wonderful! The only thing that has been hard to stomach for all of us is their plums. They are not sweet but very bitter. The people boil them for a few minutes then fry them in hot oil for another minute or two. Dana was the only one that got through the whole thing and that was with the help of a little sugar packet from the plane. That has been the only speed bump in our eating experience. The rest has been AMAZING! From the jellof rice to the ndolei to the wonderful tilapia fish and home made fries that we had tonight, and lets not forget about their aboundant fruit supply including the delicious mangoes that we can pick from our porch. Everything is a little different than you would expect, but always good. They even found a way to make greens taste good. Drew and Sheryl found coke to drink and the rest of us enjoy that too but we are trying to drink a lot of water. They have a very good drink here called d'juno. It is a fruity drink that is a little like fruit punch. Almost everything we can compare to something we have at home. Their pumpkin tastes like potatoes, their bread and pineapple jam tastes like pineapple upside-down cake, their pears are avocados, their oranges and lemons are green. Everything seems a little backwards here, but what an experience! We were thinking we would come back 15# lighter but with this food we are afraid we will come back with some unwanted, excess baggage. There has only been one or two times that some of us have had something not agree with our stomachs. So far our biggest problems has been trying to think how to sneak some of this great food back home with us.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from youth camp and it was great to get updated here on your blog.
It sounds like that fellow who's not a public speaker is doing a great job of it anyway.
If the most major mishap so far has been the curling iron, you must be doing good.
Will share some of this info with the congregation tomorrow.
Pastor Ward

Leah said...

Glad the food is good! I just ask Drew about this today... was wondering if you were having difficulty with the different types of things they would feed you.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are going good for everyone. We enjoyed the pictures. Connor loved the lizards...of course:) I was wondering about the food as well. Glad its all agreeing with you. Take care. You are in our prayers.