Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pictures to view

We are going to post pictures on Dana's facebook for now, until we figure out how to get them on the blog.


Unknown said...

Hi,Dana, Drew, Sheryl & Haley,
It was so good to read all about your trip, and your difficulties and reactions! God bless you each one! I think a curling iron is better to melt down than a computer, Dana, at least less expensive. Thank the Lord it didn't start a fire! We love you all, and Kiley never forgets to pray for you, in family devotions and everywhere! Love, Linda

Michelle said...

Hello all,

Sheryl, it was good to hear from you. Glad you all made it safely. Haley, happy be-lated birthday! Im sure it is a birthday never to be forgotten! And those brown bags on the plane arent just for puppets honey?...go figure. You all have an amazing opportunity where you are - how exciting!!!
Be safe-God Bless You!!