Monday, June 29, 2009

Teacher's Seminar

Sorry for the delay in postings. We have been preparing teaching seminar material that will go on for 3 days. Today, Monday, was the first day. Whew :0 - we made it :)
The teachers started arriving @ 8:00 am. Since it has been raining & raining, their arrival continued all morning long. Although it is not unusual for them to arrive late (we call this cameroonian time:), the rain does slow them down tremedously. Either direction, going up or down the mountain, can be treacherous. Total teachers = 23
Mom Chamberlin opened up with devotions. Then Mr Drew led his discussion time, - Team Work. He is really getting good at his sketch art. Ms Dana then did two sessions - 1) characteristics of a Godly teacher; 2) five basic learning rules of ACE. Mrs. D & Mrs K you have done well. Mrs Sheryl then did two sessions; - 1) Spiritual Gift test; -2) Different learning styles. The class will be getting their results of the spiritual gift test tomorrow.
We broke for lunch around noon. Everyone eats together & food was provided thanks to Mom Chamberlin. It was one of their favorite dishes to eat (greens w/ fufu). They eat it without using silverware, we Americans were allowed to have a fork:) All I will say about the dish, is that Sheryl could not finish hers, due to the extreme heat. (Sweating of the brow & upper lip.) For some reason all of the nationals found this very humorous.
We have spent this evening studying for tomorrow. Continue to pray for each of us. This is a new experience for us, and we want our teaching to be interesting & effective.
We appreciate all of you who are commenting on this site, hotmailing us, & posting on facebook. Keep it coming. It is so nice to hear from home.
Good Night ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mom and Dad,
I hope you are having a good time. So do you eat good there? Do you like it there?
Yours truly,
Katie Jo Herring