Sunday, June 21, 2009

We have arrived

It's Sunday afternoon here in Cameroon. We made it in last night @ 1:30 - 2:00 AM. Flights were long and so was the ride from Douala to Limbe. The ride consisted of 9 people in a van with 24 pieces of luggage strapped on top and in the back of the van. The drive out of Duoala was very slooow going. (Sitting in one spot for 15-30 minutes to move only 25 feet was typical.)
It is beautiful here and so are the people. We are taking the afternoon to rest and slowly settle in. Thanks for all the prayers that was said for our safety. God definitely had His hand on us, protecting us. We have many stories to tell just from our first 48 hours. So expect more to come. Love you all - Drew, Dana, Sheryl, & Haley.


Linda D said...

So glad you arrived safely! God is so good. It is warm in the 80's today. Grandma Camp was so much fun for Katie & Kent and all the others! Katie used her flashlight to write in her journal to you each night in our tent. Noah even had fire works after the bonfire. Kids traveled well to meet Rick & Jody at Walmart. I bought them a placemat of the world so they could see where you are. I am getting ready for youth camp. Praying much for you. Love, Mom D.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you made it safe and sound. We're anxious to hear your stories and will be praying for you all.

Love ya,

NatalieJo said...

So glad to hear that ya'll have made it safe! We look forward to hearing all your news and seeing pix! We're praying for you!
Love, Seth, Natalie & Madi

Leah said...

Mom called me last night and said Dana was able to make a phone call and let Mom D know you all made it there ok. Praying for the rest of your trip to go well. Enjoy the scenery... I pray God uses you. Love you