Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ah, the look of pure peace and joy. Katie, like the rest of us, enjoyed the family day we had at the Atlantic Ocean yesterday. It was our first family day since we came and it was a wonderful 6 hours! The ocean is so restful and relaxing. It is a wonderful place to get quiet before God.
These men where from the Semi Hotel. They launched their boat and headed out to bring in lunch from their nets. Now that is a fresh lunch.
It was a day of laughter, fun, good conversations, mediation, and preparation for the weeks to come. God is so good to want to share with us in every moment of our lives. He is there when we are working and ministering and He is there when we need to laugh a little and just enjoy His creation. I heard a story one time of a man that got to Heaven and was talking with God. God said, "Hey, did you see the Mountains that I made for you? Weren't they beautiful?" The man replied, "No, God I am sorry but I was too busy to go see them." "Oh," God said, "Well, did you see the ocean with it grand expanse and rolling waves?" The man again replied, "No, I am sorry. I was just too busy." Whether it is a beautiful ocean in Cameroon, the snow covered trees in Michigan, or the whatever, take a little time to enjoy God's gifts all around us and thank Him for blessing us with beautiful reminders of His majesty and creativity.


Leah said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Glad you were able to enjoy the afternoon together.

Anonymous said...

So good to see a picture of my beautiful grandaughter! Love ya, Katie :)
Grandma Herring