Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kitchen Fun!

I have been enjoying the challenge of cooking new foods as well as discovering how to make some of those dishes we crave, even if it means making them from scratch like these tortillas for tacos. The internet has been a huge help as a cookbook. So far some of our favorites include homemade potato chips and fries, Jelof rice-an African dish that includes rice, tomato paste, onions, carrots, green beans, and Maggi sauce (like soy sauce), African spaghetti (much like Jelof-rice but with noodles), Homemade french bread pizza, & of course Stir-fry.
There isn't as much junk food here and the sugar intake has taken a big cut as well as the meat. It has helped the Ladies to drop about 25 pounds each and we are happy about that. Kent is feeling left out that he isn't losing weight like daddy and the girls but we have assured him that it is ok because we want him to grow not lose.
There are other responsibilities that pull in one direction or the other but sometimes it is nice just to spend some time in the kitchen with the view of the ocean, cool breezes blowing, and the smell of something new and yummy cooking on the stove. It is a great time to do some singing and praying. "God like to talk to little boys while their fishing." and I think he enjoys talking to mommies while their cooking. Well time to eat, Bon appetit!

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