Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Worries Mate.

Before we left home it was Katie that was really struggling with leaving friends and feeling that she wouldn't have anyone to play with here, but since coming God has continually drawn her into the lives of the little orphans and she has found plenty to occupy her time and heart. Kent, on the other hand, turned a little inward when it came to making friends and reaching out. It surprised us a little bit but God was not surprised and had already provided Kent with what he needed before hand. Kent and Bless got to meet in America last year and were already forming a friendship, now as we are here it has been a huge blessing. On lonely days Kent and Bless like to play Roman soldiers, fighting with their "swords", wrestling, or playing uno in the corner. Win or lose at the end of the day they are buddies and we thank God for providing for each of our needs.

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