Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Unexpected Adventure: Drew's First Service.

I (Drew) was scheduled to have part in a service in a town about a half hour from Limbe last Sunday morning. I was to travel by car with Pastor Eco and another board member, Pa Marcell. We were scheduled to leave by 8:30 a.m. but when I arrived at the meeting place that morning there was no driver. We waited and called him, but there was no answer on the phone and he didn't arrive. We then decided we would have to taxi to our destination, this is a way of life in Cameroon. We took one car from Limbe to another town, then loaded in a van that was loaded down with about six people too many. For the last leg of the journey we rode on the back of motor bikes down a bumpy, dirt rode to the town where we were to minister.

After all of the delay and transport transfers we were behind schedule by about 30 to 40 minutes. They had already started, but welcomed us right inside. We worshiped with them and then they welcomed me up to speak. I was warned in advance that I probably have someone interpet for me. We asked the pastor of the church and he consented. Well, I started to introduce myself, tell about my history and our family, and forgot to let him interpet for me. We had a little laugh and then I started over and things started to flow. God really helped. After I had introduce myself I presented a message on God reconciling Himself to us through Jesus Christ, I presented it as the Basic Message of the Bible. I love this message that I had heard a few years ago, and God has put it on my heart to use this every time I speak at a new place or talk to people I have not used it with before here in Cameroon. Now it seems that the people of Cameroon do not use the altar, I am not sure why that is, if it is cultural or what. I still have much learning to do. So even though I would've like to have invited some to come up to pray and give their lives to God, I know they were listening and responding and God will use His Word to speak to those that His message was intended to help.

Afterwards the pastor invited us to his house for some fellowship before our trip back to Limbe. We had a nice lunch. Then the pastor and his wife expressed how they felt the church was doing and we expressed our support and plans for future times of helping and being involved with the church.

On our return trip we again rode on the back of motor bikes along a bumpy dirt rode, but this time once we came to the town we were able to ride in a car all the way back to Limbe. It was a much nicer trip on the way back. I was a little worn out when we arrived home but rejoicing in what God is doing both in my heart and the people here as well. This was a first of what we hope, as God leads, will be many outreach trips into other places. I keep praying that God will continue to lead us because without His leading, we will surely stumble. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Drew Herring

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Leah said...

So great to hear how everything went for you, Drew. I'm thankful God helped you and you could feel His precense. Love you!