Saturday, January 29, 2011

After three hours on the football field Drew is beginning to look like a Cameroonian in more ways than one. The red clay here seems to cling and stain your skin like none other.
Drew and Bless compare legs.
Upon examination Drew found that a sore toe from "football" held a whopper of a blister. He might have to take it easy this next week until he can grow another layer or two of skin.

Saturday afternoons all the boys from the neighborhood start gathering in to the community field outside the mission house. It has been a great way for Drew to get to know some of the kids in the community and invite them to church the next day. I think it is working because last Sunday we had an extra 20-30 kids. Drew enjoys his time with them and the exercise.


Leah said...

LOL at the picture of Drew & Bless. However, grossing out after seeing Drew's blister pic :) ha

Dave Anan said...

But of course, things are expected to turn out thus, he is simply adapting