Thursday, January 13, 2011

Santa's Sleigh or Container shipment

A huge thank you to all who donated items both to us and to the orphanage and school. We cannot express how much of a help it was. It took several days to get it all sorted out, boxed up, and loaded. There again, thank you to Mom, Betsy, Ben, Mary, & Sheryl who helped pack or clean up behind me while I packed as well as all those who offered their services as well. I could not have made it without you although I was trying hard. The job seemed to quickly grow into a monster :). We made it though and then it was Ben and Drew's turn to load it into a 15 passenger van and trailer and head down to Summerfield, FL were it was to be loaded into a 20 foot container along with items the Chamberlins were bringing to the mission. It was a beautiful snowy day when they left MI but that quickly changed as they neared FL. There was a glitch with the container and it was not waiting for them so they loaded it in a storage garage while the details got settled for that. It was a nice time for friends to be together one last time for awhile any ways. They were able to see Drew's Grandpa and other family members and friends along the route. Thank God for good friends, good family, and the blessing of a full load to take to Cameroon.

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