Friday, January 14, 2011

Settling in

The kids have school around the table until their desks come in the container.

Katie enjoying her picture book from her friend Abbey and the quilt Grandma Derscheid made her.

Kent kills a cockroach.

My feather and flower arrangement! This beautiful table and chairs are our only decorative pieces for now. The church had them set up for our welcome!

Kent's bed was originally a bunk bed but we took off the top so he wouldn't have wood spit on him all night from the termites.
We have been surprised at just how tired we are this time. I know that this has been a bigger deal all around with long term preparations and different emotions to deal with but it has still been a surprise to us at the lack of energy we have. Of course the normal jet lag and time adjustment takes its toll as well as the heat. We lefts piles of snow and when we arrived it was 91 degrees, quite a change. Most days the heat runs high 80's to low 90's with the nights being much cooler. The Homiton (this is sands coming in from the desserts from the north and filling the air) makes it look like there is a dense fog or haze over everything. It leaves a brownish red dust over everything but we are told that that haze keeps the temperatures down by creating a barrier between us and the sun. The hottest months are yet to come so we have some time to adjust and prepare.
Doing the smallest jobs seem to wear us out but it is getting better as the days go by. Drink lots and rest when your body says and it eventually levels out. The bags are mostly unpacked except for the lost ones, we are praying they will be available as they said. It didn't take long for Kent to want his own room, we had the kids share a room while they get used to a new place. We don't have much to decorate with except the sheets we brought and the homemade quilts that Grandma Derscheid made for them with pictures of their friends and family. They have been a huge blessing, making the rooms cheerful and bright. My one luxury or folly, my peacock feathers and flower, made it here safely and only slightly ruffled. Mrs. Chamberlin loaned me a vase and they are sitting on the table as a pretty centerpiece. Little things seem big as we settle into our new home and I thank God for them.


Leah said...

I love the table/chairs your have set up :) SO cute!! Your flower/feather arrangement is also very nice. I love seeing these updates although I'm in tears everytime I read your posts :( Boo emotions

NatalieJo said...

I too love the table/chairs. And the arrangment atop is just perfect! I would love to see some upclose pix of the kids quilts. They look so nice!!
Hopefully you are finding as much time to rest right now as you need. I am sure it is hard as you are also wanting to jump right in with your duties.
Take care of yourselves. We love you!