Friday, January 14, 2011

I Lost My Heart...../Tooth in Cameroon.

Katie has lost something that will forever remain in Cameroon...her tooth actually 2 teeth in 2 nights. The first one, as you can see, was with daddy's help. We didn't have anything to grab it with so he grabbed my corn tweezers or whatever you want to call them. He soon found out that they were too big to fit in her mouth so we handed him some floss. With one quick tug out it popped. Now the tooth fairy might fly all the way to Cameroon but first the ants take their turn. These tiny ants are everywhere and you cannot escape them. We laid the tooth on the dresser and the next morning look what we found. If you can zoom in on the picture it is amazing and in this case a little gross but they cleaned that tooth up better than any dentist could. This is our new entertainment source.

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Leah said... gross!! Glad her Daddy was able to do surgery on her though :)