Monday, January 24, 2011

There Shall be Shower's of Blessing!

The back wall of the mission is in need of some repair, but before they could do that Drew needed to get the moss and crud off of it. What a blessing to have a power washer. Drew set to work, once the water, that seems to keep going off for hours at a time or even the day, came back on. It was going well, but as the school children were released for the day there were many curious eyes that gathered to watch. Soon they got bolder and were "assisting" Drew by first holding then shaking the ladder he was perched on.
The sprayer was pealing off the coat of moss and Drew didn't want it to get in their eyes, I am sure the "earth-quake test" wasn't felt to be necessary either, so he would shew them away only to have them return after his back was turned. Finally, he gave them what they had been hoping for the whole time, as he swung the hose he just kept going until he arched it right onto them. With screams of delight they would run away, pushing their buddies towards the shower as they went then they would return hoping for another blast.
After a little fun Drew did the finally shewing and returned to his task-ladder steady this time.
I caught the seen on camera, unbeknown to Drew, and thought I'd share it with you. Proof that missionary life can be a "blast!"