Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year and here's your bag!

On the appointed day, New Year Day, Drew along with 5 others headed back to Douala to retrieve the missing bags. As they entered the airport luggage room they were able to quickly locate 2 of the 3 bags. After much searching the third was still not located so as they left they asked the airport attendant that had been helping them to please call them is he found it. They loaded back in the van and headed home, but before they left Douala they received a phone call from the attendant that the bag had been found so they turned around and returned to the airport. They found that the missing bag had been searched in one of the other airports and due to our new found talent of being able to stuff every possible nook and cranny and then some after that, they couldn't close the suitcase so they taped it together and stuffed it in a big plastic bag, thus making it unrecognizable. This suitcase contained all of our medicines from Mrs. Jones (which might have been what they were checking) and the kids stack of paces, so we were very happy to have it back. As it was New Years Day we knew the roads would be very busy so many prayers were going up for a safe journey. They returned after having only one minor scrape with another vehicle. After checking the damage they both waved it off and continued. Thank God for all answered prayers today!


NatalieJo said...

Yeah!! Glad you have all your bags now. I am sure the kids were SOOOO relieved to have their paces :)
Lots of love

Leah said...

Glad they made it safely AND were able to get the rest of your bags!!! What a relief!
How funny that they had to tape it closed :) My suitcase did that last time Nate & I flew to Florida :)