Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Precious Baby

While we were still in the States we heard about a little Cameroonian baby who had been abused by her father. It was a big story because he was sentenced to 30 years and sent to jail only to buy his way out after a very short time, but what about the little baby girl?
She was brought to our orphanage in Limbe. The mission got her the medical help she needed and is now providing this beautiful little girl a home, where she is loved, protected, and cared for.
She still has a lot of trauma to work through but at least now she is in the hands of someone whom she does not need to fear.
There is evil in the world that I will never understand, but I thank God that He is greater and that through His Love He has provided us an escape.
As I heard this story and saw her, my heart was full of gratitude that God would allow us to be a part of this mission. You are part of this too! Thank you for your part in helping restore broken lives and giving them the hope of Jesus Christ! Please pray for this little girl, that God would heal her emotions as well as her body.

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